Monday, October 1, 2012

Laser Tattoo Removal - Tattoo Removal Options

When people think of how to erase tattoos or removal they will imagine a long and painful procedure which involves plenty of blood. This would have been correct if you take a look back however as the years have progressed the technology has in fact become a lot smarter which means that the current technology has made it easier to get rid of ink without all the blood and pain that you are picturing, the two most popular methods for removal with the current technology are laser and light based removal.

These two procedures are very similar; laser removal involves a laser breaking down the ink in the tattoo into smaller micro sized pieces which the body's immune system can actually get rid of.

With light based removal the light energy breaks up the ink just as the laser does and makes the particles smaller which allows the body's immune system to once again remove the unwanted ink with no complications.

· The Process

Your surgeon will hold a wand like object to your skin and aim it at your tattoo, this wand emits pulses of light which when impacting the tattoo break the particles down into smaller pieces which the body can remove. If you are familiar with hair removal surgery then this should sound pretty familiar to that process too.

· What Does It Feel Like?

As mentioned before people imagine that these procedures feel painful and will causes a lot of bleeding but it is pretty much far from it. The feeling that is said to expect is the feeling of a rubber band flicking repeatedly against your skin.

Obviously the pain level will depend on factors such as how big the piece is and more on where the tattoo is on your body as some places will be more sensitive than others (such factors apply for the application of tattoos too).

You can still get the area you are getting done numbed with ointment and most surgeons will do this for you anyway before the procedure begins to put you in as less pain as possible.

Another thing that your surgeon might do is apply cooling gel to the area as well, this helps make sure that the area conducts the energy so that the pulse breaks the ink apart and also makes sure that the other area of the skin is protected whilst they are trying to erase tattoo ink.

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