Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feelings Do Not Last Forever So Tattoo Removal Is A Great Option

Tattoo removal is a good option for people who change their mind. Your feelings likely change one minute to the next. Some people are more up and down than others, but everyone has their feelings change. During one of those ups or downs you may have decided to get tattooed. After you did it, you may have liked it for a while, but as your feelings about life changed and your body changed, you may now be looking for an option to rid yourself of this reminder of a different time.

There is nothing wrong with getting tattooed in the first place, but people may often regret their decision. Sometimes the decision to get one was when an individual was dating or married to someone. A few years later, if that relationship ends, the tattoos you received back then are still there. They could easily bother someone that you end up having a relationship with in the future.

Another reason you may change your mind about your tattoos is because your body is changing. As you get older, your skin will not be as taut, and that mark may look much different than it did when you first got it. Weight loss or weight gain can also negatively affect the appearance of tattoos.

If you are considering tattoo removal, you may be a little frightened. It certainly sounds painful. With the new technology available however, it will hardly cause any pain if any at all. The use of lasers for this makes it a non-invasive procedure. There are different levels of lasers. You will want to make sure to research to find one that is more likely to work for tattoo removal on you because some will not remove darker colors.

Before deciding to go through with tattoo removal, you should find a board certified plastic surgeon. You may have pictured yourself going back to the artist who did it and telling him or her to take it off. You do not want to do that. It is a medical procedure. An artist would not likely have the laser equipment needed to do this treatment anyway.

Even though tattoo removal through laser is non-invasive, there still may be a tiny bit of bleeding. You will need to put antibiotic ointment on the area as well as a bandage, but you can shower not long after the procedure. You may be tempted to scrub at it to make sure the laser did its job. This is not a good idea after having the laser treatment.

If your feelings have changed and your body is continuing to change then maybe it is time to make a change. Look for a board certified plastic surgeon to help you get rid of the past, at least from your skin.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

hiiiiii ink lovers!
today was a long day but at least it was tuesday. so, here's a fun little collection for you all. enjoyyyyyy. and don't you LOVE the shapes above!?

i LOVE this one so much... and i hope that one day i'll get to tell you why :)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to Promote Your Tattoo Shop for Fall, Winter, and Holiday Deal Ideas

As the year gets colder, it can sometimes be difficult to get customers through your door for new tattoos or piercing. People aren't showing off as much skin as they would during bikini season.

Fall and winter however, are great seasons to promote your shop toward the holiday season and gift shoppers. There are multiple holidays and times when you can promote your shop, the same way that a store promotes their merchandise.

Below is a great list of potential promotions for cold weather months to bring customers through your door!

Gift Certificates & Merchandise

Every shop should have some merchandise, like a bumper sticker, tee shirt, or hoodie. These can be great gift ideas for eager shoppers. I would also suggest keeping wrapping paper or gift bags handy during the holiday season. Share these offers on your social media and website well before shopping season, which can be as early as October.

Gift Certificates are also a must have for the shopping season, and can also be handy year round for birthdays and life events. You can even create your own custom cards to hold gift certificates with some flash images.

Seasonal Promotions

1) Halloween

Halloween can be a big holiday for tattoos. It's a way to permanently dress-up. Make some custom flash for Halloween, and offer a reduced price or do each for your shop minimum. Halloween tattoo specials should probably run the week before Halloween. Some flash images can include:

- Bats
- Wolfs
- Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns
- Night Scenes and Spooky Trees
- Vampire Teeth
- Cat Eyes and Black Cats

2) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and giving! This is a great holiday that can get you involved in your community. A great promotion idea for Thanksgiving is a food or coat donation. Food donations are usually the most popular around Thanksgiving, so that locals can get a great meal that they otherwise couldn't afford.

Offer a discount to your customers that bring a food donation for your local food bank. Discounts can be a dollar or percent amount. Check with your local food bank to find out when you should have donations to them in time for Thanksgiving.

You can also add some seasonal tattoo flash for a discounted price as well, such as cookies, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, and turkeys.

3) Christmas (December)

Christmas and other December holidays are most likely going to be the biggest times for gift certificates and merchandise. You can also offer a discount when you buy a gift certificate for someone else.

4) New Years

New Years is often a huge party holiday. You can get involved with your community by sponsoring, or hosting a local New Years Eve party. You can open your shop earlier in the day and offer discounted New Years Flash, followed by an after-party in the evening.

Sponsoring a local party will also help get your name out there. Be sure to attend your sponsored event. This can also be a great location to hand out your cards, and possibly do some custom temporary paint tattoos for the New Years party you are sponsoring.

5) Valentine's Day

Valentine's is one of the more romantic times, but it can also be slow because it's still pretty cold outside in most areas. This is another holiday that you can take advantage of holiday flash and discounted prices.

Some promotions could include 25% off all heart and dedication tattoos. It can also be a very reduced price for pre-made flash. Make a flash with hearts and banners, and offer them for $40 each on Valentine's Day only.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

happy tattoosdayyyyy!
okay so yay! i've been waiting to show you all today's collection. also... happy birthday to my favorite tattooed man, john mayer! (those of you who've been following me for some time KNOW this is normal) OKAY so back to the tattoo lovin' ...enjoy!

i see a hot air balloon in my future.

i like it.


ricki hall ...anytime.

wish it was on me... sometimes.

...he's got tattoos ...right!?

LOVE these old fashioned!

the ring!

pretty pretty.

...i had to! 

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Monday, October 15, 2012


well hello there.
well this is my first day back from being sick for the past few days. probably could've did another day in bed just to confirm the wellness BUT...i got up and went to work anyway.
so... oh, hi kate moss in a mask!... and carrying on.

she's a mess and i like it.

more importantly... i think i need her jacket.

life as a bear leopard.

...and i leave you with this!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

How To Fade A Tattoo - Things To Expect From Tattoo Removal

Many people look into how to fade a tattoo because they end up wanting to get their current tattoos removed for various reasons with the most popular being a partners name, a job or even because they just don't like their piece anymore. Whatever the reason there are plenty of methods that can be used to remove any unwanted ink however to go through these methods there needs to be a lot of time and thought put into it by the individual. Below learn the type of things that you will need to expect when it comes to tattoo removal so that you aren't surprised when it all occurs.

Most methods of removal will involve you having to go through surgery which will mean that there will be side-effects involved and there will also be some risk involved with the whole process too regardless of how simple and small the whole procedure may seem. It is for this reason that you want to be 100% sure that you really want to go through removal surgery as you could have to face the side-effects later on.

Talking to a surgeon before will help you understand your options, they will be able to let you know the step-by-step method that you will be going through and by seeing your tattoo they will be able to give you an estimation of how long the surgery will take and whether you are going to have to go through more sessions. Most importantly the surgeon will be able to let you know how much the removal is going to cost you.

The cost of removal can be outrageous especially for those of you with larger pieces or those that are full of colour. Unfortunately the insurance company will not pay for this so it is up to you to pay for all the removal.

Many people want to know about scarring however it is all different depending on the area of the body and the size of the piece. Obviously bigger pieces are going to scar more than the smaller ones however scarring will start to lessen over a period of time until it is barely visible to the eye.

Once you've had your talk and are 100% sure on getting this surgery you will be given an appointment by your surgeon that you both will agree on to fade and remove your tattoo, chances are that after you've been through the surgery you will be required to stay and be observed over night or you will be given care instructions and be required to check in regularly to the surgeon to make sure everything is fine.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

happy tattoosday everyone!
okay so had to start the ink lovers post off with one of my bestest gurls miss esther! ...mainly because this shot features her false tattoo that she got over the weekend of a snow cone in a cup... LOLZ #dying! 

siamese & ink = LOVE 
...PS. I've never knew i had a LOVE for siamese cats until i owned one!

arrows... LOVE.

okay... I've never seen anything like this! #LOVE!

i pray that this isn't a dead man's hand :(

thick black bands on man arm... LOVE.LOVE.LOVE!!!

pretty pretty!


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Monday, October 8, 2012


happy MONDAY!
okay so now that we are on our way to Halloweentime... I like to post my collection of masks on mondays! i LOVE seasonal fun (can you say Pumpkin Spice Lattes?) Also i LOVE these masks placed over vintage photos. When I'm in my own place, I'm TOTALLY gonna do this on the family photos around the home! 
#fun ...and here's more!

cute & crafty ...and LOVE the world map behind anything!

this one's a hoot! (see what i did there?) #winks

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

How To Fade A Tattoo - How To Fade Black Tattoo Ink

Tattoos are wonderful things, they can express how you felt at one point, they can tell stories of your life and they look awesome, however some of us experience tattoo regret and after a while people start to look for methods on how to fade a tattoo whether for cover up or removal. Normally this would have been difficult to do "back in the day" due to the lack of technology but with the advancement of technology and science there are now multiple methods of fading and even removing any unwanted bits that you may have scattered along your body.

So how can you go about with this? There are plenty methods and some won't be able to afford one method and there are also those that don't work with some people. The following 3 methods are going to range from simple and cheap to more expensive methods that you can use for the same result.

· Removal Creams

A simple method is just rubbing the cream into the area everyday for results however these do take a while to see visible effects.

The time frame varies for different people on different factors such as the size of the tattoo, how long they've had it and also the colours used.

With black ink this won't take too long to get rid of as most black ink is easy to get out however true blacks and colours do take more time so make sure you have some idea of how much you'll need.

The average time you are looking at is about a month for smaller pieces and then obviously the bigger the next piece the longer it will end up taking for fading.

· Chemical Peels

Something that people are unsure about is the use about chemical peels but they have been claimed to be great at chipping away at any unwanted ink that you don't want.

This method is safe as long as you are patient and follow the instructions and don't rush it and apply too many layers as this won't speed it up but in fact cause major side-effects which you don't want.

Once again there are plenty of different factors that play into how long that this will take to work just the same as the removal creams so give them time to kick in.

The same as removal cream the black ink won't take too long to get rid of as most black ink is easy to get out however true blacks and colours do take more time so make sure you have some idea of how much you'll need.

· Dermabrasion

This is the method for those who have money to waste, really big pieces, a high pain tolerance and have found that nothing else has worked for them.

This is the painful method of surgically scraping away skin layers to reach the tattoo. It sounds brutal and it really is however it is effective even though you can be looking to spend £1000 to several thousands depending on the size of the piece!!!

As for methods this is definitely one of the most brutal when looking at how to fade a tattoo even though a couple of weeks is all that is needed for this method as you will need to go in multiple sessions to fully have the piece faded or removed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

hi ink havers & lovers.
i totally LOVE the above ink haver. well anyone with ink regarding all things CATS is great in my book. anyway.... here's more.

pretty pretty.

always into the geometrics.

make it.

my friend (and italian stallion) Tony's before shot of his inked arm.

LOVE it.

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