Friday, December 14, 2012

for the literate.

i miss you guys!
i WANT it ALL! ...busy work AND time to blog! 
i promise things will get back to normal after this crazy holiday schedule of mine ...pinky swear! Good news though is that my collections are overflowing with fun things to share with you all. SOON SOON! ASAP.
SO... here's some literate LOVE for you all!

honestly LOVE all his posters.

...and i think i LOVE the font a lot.

needed to do this for a LONG LONG time.


so pretty.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

manic monday.

I'm back!
...and so is manic monday. holy smokes it's basically CHRISTMAS TIME! so much to say about it and fun new things coming to the BLOG. soon soon. 
so lets talk about hhow i HAD to start off the return of manic monday with this amazing photo of miss julie andrews ...#LOVE.

my sweet mr. presley and his "iPod"

i wish this was my photo shoot! #Stevie

Goldie LOVE!!!

the McCartney fam bam!

....and jimi.

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