Friday, December 14, 2012

for the literate.

i miss you guys!
i WANT it ALL! ...busy work AND time to blog! 
i promise things will get back to normal after this crazy holiday schedule of mine ...pinky swear! Good news though is that my collections are overflowing with fun things to share with you all. SOON SOON! ASAP.
SO... here's some literate LOVE for you all!

honestly LOVE all his posters.

...and i think i LOVE the font a lot.

needed to do this for a LONG LONG time.


so pretty.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

manic monday.

I'm back!
...and so is manic monday. holy smokes it's basically CHRISTMAS TIME! so much to say about it and fun new things coming to the BLOG. soon soon. 
so lets talk about hhow i HAD to start off the return of manic monday with this amazing photo of miss julie andrews ...#LOVE.

my sweet mr. presley and his "iPod"

i wish this was my photo shoot! #Stevie

Goldie LOVE!!!

the McCartney fam bam!

....and jimi.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Greatest Tattoo Ideas for Men

The popularity of tattoos is increasing day by day and both men and women across the globe prefer to have tattoos on their body. There are several reasons why men want to have tattoos. Body art as we all know is a form of expressing yourself and men try to express themselves with the help of these rightly placed tattoos. Earlier days, only men who were rock stars, jail inmates, sailors or rebels had tattoos on them. But currently tattoos are the latest trends in the fashion world. There are several tattoo ideas for men and they have tattoos for reasons like affiliations, for memories and for religion.

There are several famous celebrities who have tattoos placed on their body including the name of their family members, memories and much more as a fashion statement. There are many tattoo ideas for men that give them that distinct and specific look. In olden days, specific tattoo designs were placed only for specific group of people like sailors had their own designs to be identified as a group. Some tattoos are even considered to be evergreen that will remain popular forever. If you want to have a distinct but ever green tattoo on your body then check for some great tattoo ideas for men which is never to become outdated.

For anyone who is new to the concept of body art the below mentioned ideas can be of great help.

1. Bluebirds - This tattoo is linked with sailors. A sailor once he completes five thousand miles of sea journey he used to get a bluebird tattoo on his chest. Later on the completion of ten thousand miles he gets another bluebird on the other side of the chest. The birds are painted in blue facing towards each other but there can be combinations of blue and red tattoo. This is one of the varied tattoo ideas for men especially for the one who want to go back to their roots.

2. Nautical star - This star is a five pointed star and is normally drawn in the form of pairs on either part of the chest, inside the fore arms or sometimes on the elbows. It can either be of a single colour or of two colours depending on the personal preference. Earlier days, this star was mainly used for representing as North Star which was critical for the navigation. But now this represents coming back to one's home or to their roots.

3. Dragons - This tattoo idea for men the oriental dragon mainly depicts strength, power, wisdom and also immense will. It is normally placed on a large scale and men who want things to happen on the wider side of their life generally go for this on their shoulder, forearms or on chest.

4. Sanskrit and Latin Scripts - Men usually enjoy the feeling of having mythical phrases or sayings with in depth meaning as their body art design. They get these kind of tattoos placed mostly on their shoulder blades.

If you want to go with a unique tattoo placed on the right place of your body then get wonderful tattoo ideas designed for men.

Monday, November 19, 2012


hi whisker LOVErs!
are you having a good MOvember or NovemBEARD? ...i hope so!!! I wonder if there are any men DOJ readers out there that are rocking' MOvember whiskers??
here's another collection of whisker havers for you to enjoy. PS. do you love the flower beard above?? I DO!

you had me at beard & stripes!

beard&moustache&tattoos = funny joke from GOD. #iDIED.

LOVE it all!

it's looks SO familiar!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Natural Non-Invasive Method to Remove Unwanted Tattoos

The removal of a tattoo has been tried using clay, calcium bentonite clay to be precise. Calcium bentonite clay is natural occurring 'earth' found in a limited number of locations around the world. The use of calcium bentonite clay has been known for its 'detox' abilities by many indigenous populations around the world. It is only recently been gaining popularity in the modern world.

Calcium bentonite clay has natural negative charged ionic molecules whereas most substances, including tattoo ink, have positive charged ionic molecules. The clay literally attracts positive charged ink and holds it (adsorption) as well as drawing the ink molecules inside the clay molecules (absorption). This amazing double bout process works with astonishing efficacy.

To apply the clay couldn't be simpler...

    Create some hydrated clay either by mixing 1 part clay powder with 3 parts water (preferably filtered) or using clay mask straight from its tub.

    Spread a layer of hydrated clay over the tattoo to be removed. Leave the clay to harden and do its job of absorbing (and adsorbing) the tattoo ink. One hour should be long enough, unless the clay hasn't hardened.

    Then wash off the dry clay but do not rub or brush the area, just wash by lightly sweeping you hand over the area and dry softly with a towel.

    Repeat this for at least four times a day, with the last time left overnight. Don't add anything else to the mixture or anything else to the treatment, like a bandage wrap for instance. The hardened clay will fall off but it should be easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner.

    Depending upon the tattoo this daily routine should be repeated for three months. Over that time after the clay absorbs (and adsorbs) the ink out of your skin, the tattoo should fade then disappear. If the tattoo hasn't disappeared, then stop the treatment for a month and then undertake another three month cycle of treatments.

    The colors, size and age of the tattoo in addition to your skin type will all have a bearing on the rate at which the tattoo disappears. A multicolored tattoo will take longer to disappear than a black-ink only tattoo. Also the color green is the most difficult to remove.

This method is never as immediate as laser removal procedures but this is a simple and in-expensive approach that can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home without visiting the laser treatment clinic.

Remember this treatment is not the same as applying abrasive exfoliation creams. Tattoo removal creams break down the pigments in the skin (both inked and natural). Clay is supporting the skin by attracting the tattoo ink to the surface and on to (and into) the clay. Effectively your own skin is doing the work in a natural less oppressive manner.

Friday, November 16, 2012

for the literate.

YOU make my heart SING! make everything groovy... Oh, hi everyone! i'm so happy to be sitting up in bed and doing a little LITERATES post for YOU. it's been a while yes? i didn't realize how much i missed it until i began to put it together. anyway... please enjoy and i'll get back to my smoothie & eggies! *kiss kiss*

less is ALL you need.

for esther. via.

the BEST!

good one from terry's diary.

don't go around breaking young girls' hearts.

so true.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

before you hit the bed... 
please enjoy some inks. happy tuesday!


& good shirt.

he's cool.

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